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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Maya Master (Sri Hari) is a professional thief and this time, he plans to rob hefty sum to get settled with it. For that he plans for a team and takes in Vamsi(Sharwnand) and a couple of other goons. They form a gang and plans to work out things for the day and successfully does the job. However, the group gets caught due to a person from the gang backstabbing the rest. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.
Sharwanand as always proves that he is talented actor. He delivers good performance for the challenging role and like always, he chooses a different script.
Priya Anand looks simple yet elegant and she has a good number of romantic scenes with Sharwanand that were well-executed. She is realistic and convincing.
Srihari is major asset of the film. His performance is perfect and does the raw role with such ease and his dialogues are too good.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography is fine, while the musical scores are good, Songs are well-shot, Dialogues are apt for the genre film, Editing is crisp while the screenplay is falters. Anish Kuruvilla’s direction is okay. Action choreography is good and the film is technically brilliant.
Anish Kurivilla has an interesting storyline and well-etched characterizations with good performers but he falters in the execution at times. The narration is uninteresting with slow pace and screenplay isn’t gripping enough which is required for such stories. The twists and twirls in the second half create some interest but that isn’t enough for such genre films. The lead actors Sharwanand, Priya Anand, Srihari have done very good job and the film had a realistic feel. Dialogues between Sharwanand and Srihari are impressive. The slow pace and the confusing narration plays the spoilsport in the first half while the story gets interesting in the second half only. The narration in shuffling of flashback and present mode is a bit confusing. Ko Ante Koti could have made a decent crime thriller with good narration.
Final Verdict
Ko Ante Koti makes a decent watch if you excuse the slow pace in first half!!!


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