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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comedy Express 598 - Back to Back - Comedy Scenes

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Comedy Express 501 - Back to Back - Comedy Scenes

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rebel audio launch : part 10 - prabhas, tamanna, deeksha Seth

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brahmanandam joking on prabhas and deeksha - rebel audio launch

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Brahmanandam joking on Trivikram Srinivas - Julayi Double Platinum Disc Function

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Chirunavvutho movie comedy scenes - Venu, Shaheen, Prema

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Best Comedy scenes

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Brahmanandam keka comedy

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Venky Movie Comedy (Train Scene)

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brahmanandam comedy

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Brahmanandam comedy

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ameesha going through a mid-life crisis?

Ameesha Patel seems to be going through a painful mid-life crisis. What else could explain her recent age inappropriate outfits, that seem to have been pillaged from the closet of a 16-year-old?
Here she's wearing shorts so tiny that from this unfortunate angle, it looks like she isn't wearing anything but that tank top and high heels!
The cutesy jumpsuit and pink nailpolish would be tolerable in doses, but these kind of ensembles seem to be only kind of looks that Ameesha (37) is sporting these days
She turns up in yet another pair of too-tiny shorts for the screening of a movie and teams them with a white tank, neon headband and platform slippers. Friends & family, we recommend a fashion intervention. Soon.
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BJP should declare Narendra Modi as PM candidate: Yashwant Sinha

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Yashwant Sinha on Monday endorsed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the party's prime ministerial candidate in the next general election.
“Wherever I go, the common people and party workers say they want Narendra Modi to be the prime minister candidate from BJP,” Yashwant Sinha told reporters here.
“After considering all aspects, I too feel if BJP declares him as the prime minister candidate, it will make a huge difference to the party,” he said.
He added that it was his personal view. The BJP has so far maintained silence on the issue.

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Delhi gang-rape: 'Sixth accused a juvenile'

New Delhi: In an important development in the Delhi gang-rape case, the Juvenile Justice Board on Monday ruled that the sixth accused in the December 16 incident is a juvenile.

Rejecting a plea seeking that the sixth accused in the horrific rape case be subjected to bone ossification test to medically verify his age, the court accepted his age as per the date of birth mentioned in the school certificate submitted by principal of his school.

According to the birth certificate, he was born on June 04, 1995, which means he was 17-year-6 month-11-day-old on December 16, when he committed the crime.

"He is a juvenile. The Juvenile Justice Board declared the sixth accused as juvenile on the basis of the date of birth on his school certificate which mentions June 04, 1995," said prosecutor Ishkaran Singh Bhandari after the hearing before the board.

The accused would turn 18 in June, he said.

The sixth accused is alleged to have played the most violent role in the whole incident.

As per the law, bone test is conducted only in the absence of the school certificate. In this case, as the certificate has been furnished, it will be taken as final.

The petitioners now plan to move the higher court.
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Rapes by minors: Shocking facts

On Monday, the Juvenile Justice Board declared the sixth accused in the horrific Delhi gangrape a minor. The accused will thus, not face trial in the special court, despite being the offender that inflicted the most harm to the victim. The maximum punishment the accused may receive is being sent to a remand home for three years.
The debate of modifying the Juvenile Justice Act continues with many voices in favour of treating juveniles in the age group of 16-18 being punished like adults for heinous crimes. Here are some horrifying statistics about minors involved in sexual abuse crimes...
According to statistics, soon after children between 16-18 years were included in the juvenile category in the year 2000, the number of rapes increased five-fold - from 198 in 2000 to a shocking 1149 rapes by juveniles were recorded in 2011.
According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, the crimes being committed by juveniles are on the rise. The number of crimes reported in a single year after the inclusion of children from 16-18 years increased by 80%!
A whopping 171% increase in crimes by juveniles was recorded since 2000. As many as 25,125 crimes were recorded by juveniles in the year 2011.
Stating that the trend is worsening with each passing year, The NCRB that about 65% of such juveniles booked under the Indian Penal Code are between 16 and 18 years of age (2010-11). About 94% of juvenile crimes are committed by boys. Madhya Pradesh (with 20%) and Maharashtra (with 19%) top the juvenile crime chart.
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How Rajinikanth will celebrate V-Day

How Rajinikanth will celebrate V-DayValentine's Day is too close for comfort. Couples everywhere are on their best behaviour and tightest budgets, and singles are trying to act as if Feb 14 doesn't matter (while trying their hardest to not be single on the day). Doubtless, some groups in our country are getting ready to crack down on some innocent couples with their lathis. It's all business as usual, except for one Man.

Here's a sneak peek into how Rajinikanth celebrates Valentine's Day, in the hope that it will inspire us all to greater acts of romantic love.

1. He spends a few hours opening gifts: This might seem like a lot of time, but we must remember that Rajinikanth receives 7 billion gifts on Valentine's Day. Everyone in the world loves Him, regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation. Luckily, he can open 1 billion gifts per hour. While doing other things.

2. Cupid wears clothes when around Rajinikanth: Since it's disrespectful to be naked around Him, even the world's favourite chubby baby puts on some clothes. And stops being invisible, that could be interpreted as creepy, stalker-like behaviour by Rajini. And you don't know what He would do to a stalker.

3. He makes heart shapes turn into R shapes: The shape commonly in use to depict the human heart has been around for longer than a century. Some might think it has become the universal symbol for a heart. Well, except when Rajinikanth is around. Near him, every heart shape twists itself into an R shape, and stays that way till he's gone. Mind it!

4. He gets a letter: From St. Valentine in Heaven, thanking Rajinikanth for being gracious enough to allow Feb 14 to be called Valentine’s Day, even though everyone knows that every day is Valentine’s Day.

5. God calls: And says, Rajinikanth, I love you. No one knows what Rajinikanth says back.

6. He commits no crime against physics: After all, Valentine’s is a day of love, one day which celebrates togetherness and affection. So, on this one day, Rajini Sir does nothing that would make Newton and Einstein turn in their graves. Not one thing.

7. He is able to select a gift for his wife: Without having to agonize for days over whether it’s suitable, whether it costs too much, whether it’s better than last year’s gift, whether she’ll like it, whether… He just chooses, and it’s right.

8. He never goes over budget: Unlike most of the rest of the world, Rajinikanth never spends the month post February 14 in a perpetual state of having to borrow from other people.
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Happy birthday, Shruti Haasan

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This page contains following topics :
A)   Environments for SAP ERP
1.     Supported Hardware
2.     Supported Database
3.     Supported Operating System 
1.     Basis
2.     ABAP/4 Programming
3.     FI (Financial Accounting)
4.     CO (Controlling)
5.     EC (Enterprise Controlling)
6.     TR (Treasury)
7.     IM (Investment Management)
8.     HR (Human Resource)
9.     SD (Sales and Distribution)
10. Logistics Information System
11. MM (Materials Management)
12. PM (Plant Maintenance)
13. PP (Production Planning)
14.  QM - Quality Management
15. BW (Business Warehousing)
16. IS (Industry Solutions) / SAP for Industries specific solutions
17. CS (Customer Service)
18. SMB
19. CA (Cross Application Components)
20. PS (Project Systems)
21. mySAP SEM
22. mySAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
23. mySAP Product Life Cycle Management
24. SCM (SAP Supply Chain Management)
25. Netweaver
26. mySAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

1.    Supported Hardware for SAP ERP
SAP can be installed on the following systems. The functionality and programming technique is same for all systems.
1.1.           HP
1.2.           IBM
1.3.           Sun
1.4.           AT&T
1.5.           AS400
1.6.           Bull
1.7.           Sequent
1.8.           SNI
1.9.           Compaq Digital

2.    Supported Database for SAP ERP
SAP is a back-end-free ERP system. That means the following Database can be used in SAP software. The functionality/programming technique is same for all database system.
2.1.           Oracle
2.2.           MS SQL
2.3.           Informix
2.4.           Sybase
2.5.           Adabas D
2.6.           DB2 for AIX
2.7.           DB2/400

3.    Supported Operating System for SAP
SAP can be installed on the following platforms (Operating systems):
3.1.           MS Windows NT
3.2.           OS/400
3.3.           Unix
3.4.           Solaris
3.5.           AIX
3.6.           HP UX
3.7.           Sinux

B) Complete SAP Modules:
1.    SAP Basis
1.1.           Security (BC - SEC)
1.2.           Application Link Enabling (ALE)
1.3.           Remote Function Calls (RFC)
1.4.           Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
1.5.           Common Program Interface Communications (CPI-C)
1.6.           Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
1.7.           Customizing (BC-CUS)
1.8.           ABAP Programming and Runtime Environment (BC - ABA)
1.9.           Client Server Technology (BC - CST)
1.10.       Network Integration (BC - NET)
1.11.       Basis Services/ Communication Interfaces (BC - SRV)
1.12.       Computing Center Management System (BC - CCM)
1.13.       Upgrade General (BC - UPG)
1.14.       Change and Transport System (BC - CTS)
1.15.       Operating System Platform(BC - OP)
1.16.       Database Interface, database platforms (BC - DB)
1.17.       Front End Services (BC - FES)
1.18.       ABAP Workbench (BC - DWB)
1.19.       Documentation and Translation Tools (BC - DOC)
1.20.       Controls and Control Framework (BC - CI)  
1.21.       Business Management (BC - BMT)
1.22.       Middleware (BC - MID)
1.23.       Computer Aided Test Tool (BC - CAT)
1.24.       Ready to Run R/3 (BC - BRR)
1.25.       Authorisations System Monitoring with CCMS Workload Alert Monitor

2.    ABAP/4 Programming
2.1             ABAP Workbench
2.2             Menu Painter
2.3             Screen Painter
2.4             Data Dictionary
2.5             SAP Script
2.6             Business Workflow (BC - WF)
2.7             ALE
2.8             EDI
2.9             Business Connector
2.10         Business Server Pages
2.11         Internet Application Server
2.12         Mercator Report Painter
2.13         ALV reporting
2.14         Report writer
2.15         Dialog Programming
2.16         Repository Information System
2.17         ABAP 00
2.18         IDOCS
2.19         LSMW
2.20         Smartforms
2.21         EBP
2.22         ASAP methodology
2.23         ABAP Query

3.    SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
3.1.           General Ledger Accounting (FI - GL)
3.2.           Special Ledger (FI - SL)
3.3.           Extended Ledger
3.4.           Accounts Payable (FI- AP)
3.5.           Accounts Receivable (FI - AR)
3.6.           Asset Accounting (FI - AA)
3.7.           Bank Accounting
3.8.           Funds Management (FI - FM)
3.9.           Travel Management (FI-TM)
3.10.       Consolidation

4.    SAP CO (Controlling)
4.1.           Cost Centre Accounting (CO - CCA)
4.2.           Overhead Cost Controlling (CO - OM)
4.3.           Activity Based Coding (CO - ABC)
4.4.           Product Cost Controlling (CO - PC)
4.5.           Profitability Analysis (CO - PA)
4.6.           Material Ledger (CO - ML)

5.    SAP EC (Enterprise Controlling)
5.1.           Consolidation (EC - CS)
5.2.           Executive Information System (EC-EIS)
5.3.           Profit Center Accounting (EC - PCA)
5.4.           Business Planning and Budgeting

6.    SAP TR (Treasury)
6.1.           Cash Management (TR - CM)
6.2.           Loans Management (TR - LM)
6.3.           Market Risk Management (TR - MRM)
6.4.           Treasury Management (TR - TM)
6.5.           Funds Management (TR - FM)
6.6.           Information System

7.    SAP IM (Investment Management)
7.1.           Investment Programmes
7.2.           Investment Measures (orders/products)
7.3.           Corporation Wide Budgeting
7.4.           Appropriation Requests
7.5.           Automatic Settlement of Fixed Assets
7.6.           Depreciation Forecast
7.7.           Information System

8.    SAP HR (Human Resource)
8.1.           Recruitment
8.2.           Personnel Administration
8.3.           Benefits Administration
8.4.           Compensation Management
8.5.           Personnel Development
8.6.           Organizational Management
8.7.           Travel Management
8.8.           Training and Events Management
8.9.           Personnel Planning
8.10.       Time Management
8.11.       Incentive
8.12.       Wages
8.13.       Workflow
8.14.       Payroll
8.15.       Internet Scenarios
8.16.       Information System

9.    SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
9.1.           Master Data
9.2.           Sales
9.3.           Sales Support
9.4.           Sales Information System
9.5.           Billing
9.6.           Special Business Transactions
9.7.           Shipping
9.8.           Transportation
9.9.           Credit Control
9.10.       QM in SD
9.11.       Internet
9.12.       Foreign Trade
9.13.       Electronic Data Interchange

10.           SAP Logistics Information System
10.1.       Purchasing Information System
10.2.       Sales Information System
10.3.       Inventory Controlling
10.4.       Retail Information System
10.5.       Production Planning and Control Information System
10.6.       Plant Maintenance Information System
10.7.       Project Information System

11.           SAP MM (Materials Management)
11.1.       Purchasing
11.2.       Invoice Verification
11.3.       Logistics (General)
11.4.       Logistics Information System
11.5.       Inventory Management
11.6.       Inventory / Valuations
11.7.       Materials Planning
11.8.       Workflow
11.9.       External Services Management
11.10.  QM in MM
11.11.  Warehouse Management

12.           SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
12.1.       Preventative Maintenance
12.2.       Maintenance Order Management
12.3.       Maintenance Projects
12.4.       Service Management
12.5.       Maintenance Planning
12.6.       Equipment and Technical Objects
12.7.       Structuring Technical Systems
12.8.       PM Processing
12.9.       Work Clearance Management
12.10.  Internet Scenarios
12.11.  Customising
12.12.  Information System

13.           SAP PP (Production Planning)
13.1.       Make to Order (CR)
13.2.       Make to Order (PIR)
13.3.       Repetitive Manufacturing
13.4.       PP for Process Industries (PP - PI)
13.5.       PP - Processes
13.6.       Sales and Operations Planning
13.7.       Capacity requirements
13.8.       Master Planning
13.9.       KANBAN
13.10.  Production Orders
13.11.  Product Cost Planning
13.12.  Plant Data Collection
13.13.  Assembly Orders
13.14.  Information System

14.           SAP QM - Quality Management
14.1.       Planning
14.2.       Inspections
14.3.       Notifications
14.4.       Control
14.5.       Certificates
14.6.       Test Equipment Management
14.7.       QM-IS

15.           SAP BW (Business Warehousing)
15.1.       Data Warehousing
15.2.       BI Suite - Business Explorer
15.3.       BI Platform
15.4.       ODS Structures
15.5.       Development Technologies
15.6.       Info Cube
15.7.       Design Build

16.           SAP CS (Customer Service)
16.1.       Service Processing
16.2.       Controlling
16.3.       Service Contracts
16.4.       Workflow in Customer Service

17.           SAP SMB
17.1.       SAP SMB

18.           SAP CA (Cross Application Components)
18.1.       SAP Business Workflow
18.2.       Application Link Enabling (ALE)

19.           SAP PS (Project Systems)
19.1.       Basic Data
19.2.       Operational Structures
19.3.       Project Planning
19.4.       Approval
19.5.       Information System
19.6.       Project Execution and Integration
19.7.       Work Breakdown Structure

20.           mySAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
20.1.       Self Service Procurement
20.2.       Service Procurement
20.3.       Plan Driven Procurement
20.4.       Spend Analysis
20.5.       Strategic Sourcing
20.6.       Catalogue Content Management

21.           mySAP SEM
21.1.       Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)
21.2.       Business Information Collection (SEM-BIC)
21.3.       Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS)
21.4.       Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM-CPM)
21.5.       Stakeholder Relationship Management (SEM-SRM)

22.           mySAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
22.1.       CRM Enterprise
22.2.       Field Applications
22.3.       Interaction Center
22.4.       E-Commerce
22.5.       Channel Management
22.6.       Industry Specific CRM

23.           mySAP Product Life Cycle Management
23.1.       Document Management
23.2.       Engineering Change Management
23.3.       Enterprise Content Management
23.4.       Classification
23.5.       Basic Data for Process Manufacturing

24.           SAP SCM (SAP Supply Chain Management)
24.1.       SCM Process and Business Scenarios
24.2.       SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
24.3.       SAP Advance Planning and Optimization (SAP - APO)
24.4.       SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP - OCH)
24.5.       SAP Event Management (SAP - EM)
24.6.       SCM Basis

25.           SAP Netweaver
25.1.       SAP Masterdata Management
25.2.       Information Integration
25.3.       Portal Content
25.4.       Process Integration
25.5.       Knowledge Management
25.6.       Life Cycle Management
25.7.       SAP Business Intelligence
25.8.       SAP Visual Composer
25.9.       People Integration
25.10.  Application Platform
25.11.  SAP Web Application Server
25.12.  SAP Business Information Warehouse
25.13.  SAP Solution Manager
25.14.  SAP Enterprise Portal
25.15.  SAP Mobile Engine
25.16.  Security

26.           SAP IS (Industry Solutions) / SAP for Industries
SAP has the following industries specific solutions:
26.1.       Aerospace & Defence
26.2.       Consumer Products
26.3.       Defence & Security
26.4.       Retail
26.5.       Insurance
26.6.       Mill Products
26.7.       Higher Education & Research
26.8.       Industrial Machinery & Components
26.9.       Logistics Service Providers
26.10.  Automotive
26.11.  Chemicals
26.12.  Pharmaceuticals
26.13.  Banking
26.14.  Telecoms
26.15.  Life Sciences
26.16.  Mining
26.17.  Public Sector
26.18.  Service Provider
26.19.  Media
26.20.  Healthcare
26.21.  Oil & Gas
26.22.  Utilities
26.23.  Postal Services
Besides the above functionalities and flexibilities, SAP also adding new features, new modules, new environment and new industry specific solutions to its flagship ERP product continuously.

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