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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nivas (Havish) gets inspired by Nanaji, (Pradeep Rawat) an MLA while his friends Yaasir a fan of cricketer Nizamuddin (Adarsh)and Koti a fan of Peddapuram Peda Babu (Ashish Vidyardhi). However, the three of them quickly realizes that their matinee idols are quite selfish and goes to any extent for their personal interests. Nivas, Yaasir and Koti decides to take revenge on them and in the process Sarath Chandra (Sarath Kumar), a special officer gets into the job on investigating the murders. Rest of the story forms the crux.
Havish looks good but he fails to give apt expressions for the scenes and carries similar expression all through.
It’s the same with heroine Sanusha, who looks good but performance-wise she fails.
Sarath Kumar has a good role and he delivers his best, Brahmanandam entertains to the most providing us some sort of relief, Ashish Vidyardhi is decent and Pradeep Rawat is okay. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Annapurna and others were adequate.
Technical Analysis
Music is below average while the background score is strictly okay. Placement of songs hampers the flow. Screenplay is inconsistent while editing is pathetic. Dialogues are outdated. Ohmkar’s direction skills are below par while Production values are standard.
The movie takes off well with few good notable dialogues but the lead stars performances will never make you connect to the scenes. Few of the scenes involving Brahmanandam, Sarath Kumar scenes in the first half and a series of murders may create some interest but the inconsistent screenplay and untimely songs test the patience. The second half falls flat and the climax is quite disappointing. The message delivered is misleading though the film is made with a good intention.
Final Verdict
Poor narration with unconvincing climax!!!

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