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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ameesha going through a mid-life crisis?

Ameesha Patel seems to be going through a painful mid-life crisis. What else could explain her recent age inappropriate outfits, that seem to have been pillaged from the closet of a 16-year-old?
Here she's wearing shorts so tiny that from this unfortunate angle, it looks like she isn't wearing anything but that tank top and high heels!
The cutesy jumpsuit and pink nailpolish would be tolerable in doses, but these kind of ensembles seem to be only kind of looks that Ameesha (37) is sporting these days
She turns up in yet another pair of too-tiny shorts for the screening of a movie and teams them with a white tank, neon headband and platform slippers. Friends & family, we recommend a fashion intervention. Soon.


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