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Monday, January 21, 2013

Telangana deadline getting closer, where is Chandrasekhar Rao?

Hyderabad: With the deadline for Telangana getting closer and the heat is on in both regions, surprisingly TRS President K. Chandrasekhar Rao is silent and aloof. Even his family members and top TRS leaders are not very vocal while T-JAC has taken control of the show and has been very active.
But for the occasional outbursts on referendum on Hyderabad or the opposition to Seemandhra leaders meeting in the city, there has been no show, for whatever reasons.
KCR had been in Delhi for quite some time before Sushil Kumar Shinde announced the All Party Meeting.  During his stay in Delhi, it is believed that KCR had parleys with the Centre and was prepared to merge his party with Congress and go the Chiranjeevi way. But something went wrong somewhere and fell short of expectations.
Though TRS attended the meeting, KCR has been saying that it is a futile exercise.
What really happened in Delhi while KCR stay put there is crucial for the All Party meeting and the decision due this month-end.
While JAC has been taking up the issue and Congress leaders hijacking much of the credit, TRS remaining silent is very surprising. TRS may not be isolated on the issue, but all parties have been part of the ongoing process on Telangana while TRS has only talked about Hyderabad, rather reacted.
Sakalajanula Samme at its peak has been stalled, whatever be the understanding and with both regions gearing up for a showdown, the party which was born on the plank of a separate state, not being active and yielding ground to its arch rival Congress is surprising. We have to wait and see for more surprises in the days to come.


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